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in the records of history where this Fower3 achieving the desired goal
without a single guarantee, rewarded the action by exterminating the
Underground Forces who came forward to help them. The Poles who
had been able to fight against the Germans in the rear of their armies,
found themselves unable to continue this struggle side by side with the
Russians. " The Soviet soldiers seized these men/' read the Polish
communique, " who., only an hour before, had blown up German muni-
tion trains to safeguard those same Soviet soldiers from German fire."
And these Soviet soldiers were killing, hanging, deporting the men or, at
best, having deprived the remainder of their leaders, inserted them among
the ranks of the Red Army. " What would the Russians have said/'
asked Alastair Forbes in the Daily Mail on October 2, " if General Eisen-
hower had deported the men of the Paris Maquis to St. Quentin and
Sing-Sing ? "
When the British Government, acting on the information of the Polish
Government regarding the liquidation of their Home Army by the Soviets,
brought their complaint to the notice of Moscow, the latter gave only an
evasive explanation which was quoted by the Foreign Secretary in his
reply to the question put on September 27, in the Commons by Sir Alfred
Kiiox, who asked:
u If he is aware that members of the Polish Underground Army, who,
acting under orders from the Polish Government, have co-operated with
the Soviet forces in the liberation of their country, have been arrested and
deported by the Soviet authorities in Tarnopol, the province of Lublin, and
other districts; and if he will make representations on the subject to the
Government of the U.S.S.R. in the general interest of Allied relations."
Mr. Eden : Yes, Sir. My attention has been drawn to the reports to
which my hon. and gallant Friend refers, and I have brought them to the
notice of the Soviet Government. The latter have now informed me that
they do not consider that these reports give a true picture of events in the
areas in question. They state that almost all Polish army detachments
found in Poland when the Soviet armies advanced are now fighting beside
the Russians against the Germans."
Sir. A. Knox : " Is it not true that several individuals have been arrested
and deported because they refused to take the oath of allegiance to the so-
called Committee of Liberation ? "
Mr. Eden : "As I have said, as soon as these reports were brought to rny
notice, I brought them to the notice of the Soviet Government, as I thought
it my duty to do. The House will understand that there is no matter which
causes more concern to His Majesty's Government at this time than the
relations between our Polish and our Russian Allies."
Earl Wintertcm (Cons.'): Is it not a fact that my right hon. friend cannot
be responsible for differences of opinion between our Allies., and that it is
not for this House to say how they should be resolved ? "
Mr, McGovera (Ind. Lab.) : ** Does the right hon. Gentleman think that
there is anything to be gained by covering up the fact that an Ally of ours is
both deporting and shooting Nationalists and Socialists in Poland ? **
Mr. Eden : " The hon. gentleman talks about covering up matters^ but I
must tell the House that, not only are these affairs of delicacy between Allies,
but also that there is some difficulty in ascertaining the facts. Therefore^